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StreamBlade™ SOE-4 Data Sheet     StreamBlade™ MiniFX Data Sheet  

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Embedded Systems Design, Inc. (ESD) StreamBlade™ single board computers allow developers to implement distributed FPGA based applications. The StreamBlade™ single board computer is designed to transport and process real-time streaming data.

ESD StreamBlade™ single board computers reduce development time and cost for Communications, Medical, and Industrial applications. Configurable I/O to allows the transport of real-time streaming data to and from: Ethernet, PCI, RS-232, RS-422, G.703, LVDS, ECL, and other streaming data interfaces.

Software Defined Radio (SDR):
ESD has significant expertise in the management and development of SDR systems.

Range Extension:
ESD has unique experience with range extension through interference mitigation with multi-sensor adaptive beam forming technologies.

Data Distribution:
ESD has extensive experience with the distribution and processing of real-time streaming data.

Hardware and FPGA:
ESD has experience with multi-layer printed circuit board design, FPGA design, CPLD design, million-plus gate ASIC design, and system-on-chip (SoC) architecture including SoFPGA.