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Every job candidate needs answers to the question, “What distinguishes ESD from any other good company?” While each candidate has concerns that are particularly important to them, we hope that the information listed here may answer some of those questions in general terms.

ESD as a Company
Mr. Mark D. Wecht, ESD’s President, founded the company in 1996. Mr. Wecht knew that he wanted to build an engineering company that employees would be proud to be a part of and he knew that he wanted ESD to stand for quality engineering. In contrast to larger firms he had worked for, Mr. Wecht embraced a holistic approach to working for a company – it is more than a job, it is more than the project you are on, and it is more than a salary. A good job includes competitive salary and benefits, on-going professional development, a team atmosphere, open communications, and responsive management.

Technological Vision and Excellence
To stay on the cutting edge of technology (a key to retention), a company must have a vision where the industry’s technology is headed. ESD has such a vision.

ESD Management
ESD’s managers and team leaders are technically adept and conversant with new technologies. Since we employ self-motivated individuals, the role of an ESD manager is one of mentor, role model, and facilitator. Empowerment of employees confers rights and privileges in exchange for responsibilities accepted. In short, we don’t give orders; we work as professionals in a team environment to get the job done. To better manage our growth and each employee’s growth, we have quarterly company-wide meetings, monthly department meetings, and frequent company communications. These forums enhance communication and improve management decisions by keeping a pulse of employee opinions and attitudes.

A Career at ESD
There are many paths to success at ESD. We encourage our staff to seek out new challenges, develop new skills and be an important part of ESD’s growth. While we help employees with training and varied assignments, we leave a great deal to personal initiative. Success at ESD depends on achievement and commitment to results.

Everyone we hire is critical to our success; whether an engineer, an accountant, or a manager. At ESD every job is an important job. The most important attributes ESD seeks are: demonstrated technical ability, preference for teamwork, strong work ethic, common sense, and ethics. At ESD you are part of a team.

ESD’s founding principles remain – technical excellence, job satisfaction, and development of our staff, and uncompromising levels of value-added service to our customers. At ESD, you’ll find a professional, small team environment where initiative and company involvement is welcomed.

We have a vision for the future of our employees’ careers, our technological direction and our business.

Software Defined Radio (SDR):
ESD has significant expertise in the management and development of SDR systems.

Range Extension:
ESD has unique experience with range extension through interference mitigation with multi-sensor adaptive beam forming technologies.

Data Distribution:
ESD has extensive experience with the distribution and processing of real-time streaming data.

Hardware and FPGA:
ESD has experience with multi-layer printed circuit board design, FPGA design, CPLD design, million-plus gate ASIC design, and system-on-chip (SoC) architecture including SoFPGA.