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Welcome to ESD’s Job Listings!

As a dynamic and growing company, Embedded Systems Design, Inc. understands the important role our employees play in providing customers with the highest quality services. Every individual we hire is critical to our success, and we aspire to have each employee achieve their professional goals and to enjoy a rewarding work experience.

There are many paths to success at ESD. We invite you to review our current listing of career opportunities and consider joining the ESD Team.

Applicants for our Software Engineering positions must have a BS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or equivalent, and have experience in the following areas:

- C/C++ and Java programming languages
- Real-time software development
- Protocol processing
- Digital signal processing
- Algorithm processing
- Real-time software development
- Inter-process communication development
- Perl experience is a plus

Applicants for our Systems Engineering positions must have a BS/MS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or equivalent, and have experience in the following areas:

- Full system lifecycle development (including requirements derivation and
   analysis, design, implementation, integration and testing)
- C/C++ and Java programming languages
- Distributed application development
- Service-based architectures

Applicants for Hardware/Software and Hardware/Systems Engineering positions must have a BS in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or equivalent, and have experience in the following areas:

- Work with COTS vendors to fully understand system/board level
   architectures and capabilities
- Define requirements and design system and software capabilities to
   enhance and support COTS-based and custom system architectures
- Design FPGA/VHDL firmware components and low-level embedded software
   (including device drivers) as needed
- Evaluate the impact of new protocols and interface standards on
   system/board level architectures

Hardware/Software Development and Maintenance
- Develop firmware and software components on COTS and custom
- Develop C++, C, Java, and/or Perl components to create multiple interfaces
   for converting new and existing data formats within system architectures
- Develop FPGA/VHDL firmware and embedded software components
- Develop and maintain software/device drivers to support and further
   enhance custom system capabilities
- Create unit test plans and test accordingly

Hardware/Software Support and Documentation
- Validate and verify the functionality and performance of system hardware
   and software components
- Automated test scripting as applicable
- Evaluate available tools and integrate one or more into the
   hardware/software environment
- Develop documentation in accordance with project guidelines

Special Technical Skills Required
- Networking protocol knowledge/experience
- Working knowledge of the SIGINT environment is preferred

For more information on our career opportunities, please contact our Human Resources department at 410-712-7290. Resumes may be submitted directly to Mark Wecht.

Click here to view ESD's selected technologies.

Software Defined Radio (SDR):
ESD has significant expertise in the management and development of SDR systems.

Range Extension:
ESD has unique experience with range extension through interference mitigation with multi-sensor adaptive beam forming technologies.

Data Distribution:
ESD has extensive experience with the distribution and processing of real-time streaming data.

Hardware and FPGA:
ESD has experience with multi-layer printed circuit board design, FPGA design, CPLD design, million-plus gate ASIC design, and system-on-chip (SoC) architecture including SoFPGA.