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ESD provides a rewarding environment for those with recognized, high-level, intrinsic skill sets wanting to advance their ideas and be part of a strong team.

Current Opportunities


ESD as a Company

Mr. Mark D. Wecht, ESD’s President and Chief Technical Officer, founded the company in 1996. He wanted to create an engineering company and assemble a team to be proud of. In contrast to the philosophy of many other firms, ESD encourages an integration of work life and personal life. ESD provides a flexible work schedule, competitive salary and benefits, on-going professional development, a team atmosphere, open communication, and adaptive management.

ESD Management

Dr. Kristen Wecht, ESD's CEO, believes that the management team should serve as role models, mentors, and facilitators. She and her team are very involved in the day to day operations of the company. Dr. Wecht has an open-door policy and welcomes input from all employees. She facilitates strong corporate communication through open forum discussions, social gatherings, and company-wide meetings and communications. The resulting information flow improves operational efficiency and decision-making at all levels throughout the organization.

ESD Business Development

Mr. Mark G. Christie, ESD’s VP Business Development, believes that strong growth depends on teamwork. Supplementing ESD’s strategic plan with input from engineering management and staff, Mr. Christie has a unique perspective that allows him to facilitate controlled growth in the desired corporate direction. He understands the importance of bringing new business opportunities to the table that challenge our engineers, increase their skillsets, provide valuable technology experience, and create an environment that promotes collaboration.

ESD Employment

There are many paths to success at ESD. It is a very rewarding experience where individuals are free to seek out new challenges and develop new skills, where management welcomes employee input, and where continuing education and personal initiative are encouraged and rewarded. Success at ESD depends on achievement and commitment to personal and team goals.


At ESD, you will find a professional, small team environment where you are rewarded for initiative. Your input will count. You will be encouraged to balance your work life and personal life. You will have a flexible work schedule, competitive salary and benefits, on-going professional development, and a team atmosphere.